“As you sow, shall you reap”

Sower Garden
provides legal aid in a
new digital way

Sower Garden
provides legal aid in a
new digital way

Sower Garden is an online portal for storing and sharing legal advice. We believe that companies never should have to buy the same legal service twice. Nor should they have to search for, or even be unable to find, their legal advice and templates. 

”As you sow, shall you reap”

Under the maxim of “as you sow, so shall you reap”, we have developed Sower Garden.

We believe that by “sowing” order and discipline through the use of professional legal documents and advice, a company or organization can “reap” the benefits of increased efficiency and employee satisfaction.

We provide companies and organizations with the ability to “sow” by providing employees access to their own homepage with templates, advice, documents and support.

Store and share knowledge – easy, secure and accessible

Sower provides companies with an electronic storage of agreements and other documents. It ensures that this knowledge is stored in an easily accessible and searchable manner. The customers can add their own documents and agreements.

Login can be done from any computer or mobile device. Everything on the website is also searchable by text search. Customers can further decide if they want to receive reminders and alerts via email or SMS, for example if a contract is about to lapse or an option expires. 

Through Sower Garden, employees can also pose questions to Sower. These questions, answers and advice are stored on the website. 

The story behind the portal Sower Garden

It started with an internal legal support system

Sower’s story began when attorney Jonas Bergh was Head of Legal for a large company with $6bn SEK in revenue, activities spanning several industries, and around one hundred internal employees responsible for sales and purchase contract issues.

The company had no internal legal department, and Jonas was responsible for creating an internal legal support system (“Juridikstödet”) on the company intranet. This allowed Jonas and his associates to provide the company’s employees with legal advice and template agreements, which were stored in Juridikstödet. A total of 1000 employees were able to access the Juridikstödet system through the intranet.

A few years later, a postgraduate student at Uppsala University learnt of Juridikstödet

Magnus Lippert wrote of this system in his doctoral thesis, Communities in the Digital Age (Uppsala Universitet, Marcus Lippert, 2011). Lippert found that communal IT platforms such as Juridikstödet (which he analysed) can reduce bureaucracy and increase efficiency in organizations, provided that the platforms are well-designed and well-maintained.

In his analysis of Juridikstödet, Lippert found that employees felt more comfortable with legal work when they could access advice and approved templates in the system. Lippert also found that these platforms played a key role in knowledge management and learning. 

As a result, Juridikstödet became accepted and appreciated as a valuable “community” for employees.

Sower Garden is a tool for knowledge management 

Sower Garden is a tool for knowledge management which helps companies increase their efficiancy and further their employees’ growth.

The philosophy behind Sower

Jonas Bergh founded Sower to provide other companies and organizations with the knowledge and experience he gained through Juridikstödet, as well as the significant additional functionalities that Sower can now deliver as a result of developments in the IT industry.

Sower’s aim is to meet any company’s need for comprehensive, simple and ethical legal counseling.

That is our philosophy.

Contact us to learn more about Sower

You are most welcome to contact us on telephone +46 8 545 078 00 to discuss what we can do for you.

You can also contact us via email: info@berghco.se

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